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Office equipment damages can now be reported by SUBMITTING a service request form.


Serwis i naprawa drukarek, ploterów, kserokopiarek HP w Poznaniu i Swarzędzu

A constant problem for both young and established companies is the poor optimization of the most obvious aspects of their operation. In the wake of the credit crisis they tend to take drastic steps: lay-offs, cost reductions, looking for opportunities to economize – often in a way that considerably decreases their efficiency. Managers are expected to maintain extremely high standards and end up unable to consider all the aspects of the company’s activity in a composed, rational way; nor can they make changes in the fields that really need it.learn more What we offer

  • We increase your Company’s profits by applying modern solutions and reducing existing costs. learn more
  • We guarantee the security of uniterrupted workflow by constant professional service. learn more
  • We guarantee highest quality of work. learn more
  • We provide indispensable tools alowing staff efficiency increase and work comfort. learn more
  • We provide competent assistance in technical matters. learn more

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